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RAMBA produces fully automatic systems for the production of highest quality lead shot and guarantees roundness and constancy in weight and size.

Shot can be produced by the pressing system that involves:

LEAD BILLET PRODUCTION: the lead ingot installation consists of two furnaces (melting and holding), the first one used to melt the lead and the second one to keep constantly fed the automatic ingot casting unit for the production of cylindrical lead ingots.

LEAD WIRE PRODUCTION: the ingots are then directly channeled to the 250T press for the cold extrusion of lead wire. The extruded wire is automatically wound on coils by means of the winding machine.

LEAD SHOT PRODUCTION: the extruded wire feeds the cold operating pressing machine; the produced shot are directly channeled to a lapping machine. To achieve a top quality product, shot may be polished and tumbled by means of specific devices.

Or by the dripping system "RAMBA LEAD STORM”, ideal for the production of small size shot in big quantity.

LEAD DIVISION consists of air gun pellet (diabolo) machine too and of the machine to produce 22 G pellets.